With the Set Treasury application, you can manage all your financial processes such as Cash Flow, Assets and Investments in a simple, easy and flexible way that meets all your needs. Moreover, you can quickly integrate with other finance and accounting applications of SET, and you can easily integrate with other systems thanks to its service-based structure.

With the Set Treasury Management app

  • It can make your cash flow, capital and liquidity more efficient,
  • It can simplify your payment processes,
  • You can effectively manage your assets,
  • You can minimize financial risks.

In addition to all these, you can track and report your treasury workflow from start to finish.

We offer you a Treasury Management tool that you can easily track and manage the following transactions through our application.

  • Fund Buying/Selling Transactions
  • Deposit and Repo transactions
  • Transfer Transactions
  • Limit Definition Operations
  • Currency Buying/Selling Transactions
  • Swap Transactions
  • Swap Cost Calculation
  • Bonds and Bills Transactions
  • Collateral Transactions
  • Forward Transactions
  • Credit Transactions
  • Credit All In Cost Calculation
  • Takasbank All In Cost Calculation