We provide you with a unique tool to manage your overdue receivables.

Meet with the innovative features provided by the expert system we have developed for managing overdue receivables, negotiating, receiving payment promises and advancing all these functions based on competency.

  • Programmed Parametric Payment Reminders via Short Message (SMS) and E-Mail
  • Dynamic Text Message (SMS) and E-Mail Content Management
  • Rule-Based Pool Management
  • Outgoing Calls (Call) Management
  • Live Portfolio Management with Collections Integration
  • Incoming Call Answering
  • Multi-Contract Management by Customer
  • Receivables Negotiation
  • Payment Promise
  • Call Appointment System
  • Operator Pools
  • Collector (Collector) Competency Management
  • Notice Issue
  • Definitional Print Management
  • Decision Tree, Behavioral Score Integration