What is Low Code Development Platform (LCDP)?

A low-code development platform provides a development environment used to build applications through a graphical user interface. A low-code platform may produce fully functional applications or may require additional coding for certain situations. Low-code development platforms aim to enable faster delivery of business applications by reducing traditional time spent. With low-code development platforms developed with the aim of enabling a wider range of people to contribute to the development of the application, not only those with coding skills, but also experts who can contribute to common rules and regulations are involved in the process. LCDPs also help reduce initial setup, training, deployment and maintenance costs.


We develop all our applications on our own SET Blue LCDP and support our customers to customize their applications and add new functions on this LCDP.

SET Blue LCDP is on its way to becoming a joint development platform thanks to its widespread use in financial applications.

With the momentum created by the expansion of the developer community on this platform, we aim to contribute to the solution of industry needs in a faster and less costly manner.

What can you do with SET Blue LCDP?

  • With a low level of coding knowledge, you can design, modify and update your needs.
  • You have a well-established infrastructure that will speed up your development processes.
  • Rapid Software Development You can make rapid developments with RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools.
  • You have an innovative infrastructure that allows you to make changes in live use without the need for compilation.
  • You can easily implement the possibilities offered by Modular and Service Oriented Architecture.

  • You can easily realize responsive designs that are renewed with current technologies.
  • You can define process-based parametric workflows and follow their history.
  • You can access ready-made LDAP competencies for Institutional Hierarchy Integrations.
  • You can quickly develop high-security applications that meet OWASP requirements and are constantly updated.
  • With the Code Security and Code Quality tests carried out continuously, you will be sure of the security standards of the codes you develop.
  • It has a rich API Library, you can easily integrate with external environments.
  • You can develop multilingual screens and applications with multi-language support.
  • With the infrastructures that will work with Single Code Base, you do not have to make changes in the main code when multiplexing the same code for different units,
  • You have a scalable and configurable infrastructure.
  • Thanks to a high-performance infrastructure, you do not have to worry about how you will provide performance in case your data number increases.
  • You have a ready-made logging (Logging) and cache (Cashing) management infrastructure.
  • You do not need to make any additional effort to manage the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) processes with up-to-date approaches.
  • With DevOps Process automation and modern deployment capabilities, you can easily implement the Continuous Integration and Continuous Dissemination (CI/CD) approach.
  • With Test Automation, you can produce error-free solutions.