We produce end-to-end solutions for financial companies such as application, credit evaluation, allocation, credit operation, collection, accounting, legal reporting, ERP, post-credit support services, legal follow-up with the technology products we have developed for Financing Companies.

Since 2011, he acted with the support and solutions of Set Yazılım in the establishment and operating permit processes of many financial companies. You can benefit from our expertise and experience by getting consultancy service from Set Yazılım during the establishment of a new financial company.

Supports we provide for the establishment of a new financial company :

  • Financial company organizational structure
  • Creating a finance chart of accounts
  • Establishment of dimensional accounting infrastructure
  • Financing operation legal compliance preparation
  • Technological infrastructure legal compliance preparation
  • Creating legal reporting infrastructure
  • Preparation of operating permit process documentation
  • Preparation of audit documentation
  • Activity permit presentation support