System and Requirements Analysis

Meet with the analysis services of SET Software expert staff that add value to your needs.

A properly managed analysis process is the factor that affects the emergence of a desired product at the highest rate. System and Requirements Analysis studies are processes that need to be carefully and efficiently managed in order for software projects to be successful and for the right product to emerge.

  • The processes of the system are examined through joint studies. Critical processes are identified and prioritized.
  • Requirements and targets within the existing structure are revealed.
  • Stakeholder needs and goals are taken into account. The requirements and objectives of the processes are detailed in line with the short, medium and long term expectations.
  • Functional and safety, stability, quality etc. for the solution. non-functional features such as
  • It makes suggestions about solutions in similar or different sectors. With the expert experience, methodical benchmarking with different sectors is provided.
  • The target structure features and content of the solution are created with the proposed business procedures, flows, interfaces, data structure and integrations for the software needs.
  • Conceptual and technical design studies are carried out for the target process.
  • Outputs are prepared, compiled and reported.