Meet CFS, the end-to-end loan financing solution.

The modular structure, design and integration tools provided by CFS allow you to manage the loan lifecycle online in accordance with the needs of your business.
Quickly adapt to your instant operational needs with descriptive and conditional management mechanisms, and do all of these with the modern infrastructure of the solution without the need for software intervention or coding.

  • We offer a unique “Omni-Channel” experience by including mobile platforms with the responsive design of the Credit Sales Portal.
  • We help you build your strategies on the right decisions and make the right credit decisions.
  • We provide innovative functions to seamlessly manage your post-credit support services.
  • We provide you with a unique tool to manage your overdue receivables.
  • We offer a solid infrastructure and a complete integration library for all your legal and operational integration needs.
  • With an integrated accounting system, we enable you to integrate all your operational accounting and finance processes into «CFS Loan Financing Solution».

An Innovative Solution in Individual and Corporate Financial Lending Processes

You can create arrangements suitable for your working principles with standard variables, or you can create solutions specific to your institution with customized parameters. Thanks to its flexible infrastructure, it becomes easier for you to adapt to the rapidly changing and developing world of finance.
You can run your processes on the infrastructure that you will fully comply with the rules published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

  • Starting a loan application from sales points,
  • Decision Support,
  • Contract printing,
  • Document management system,
  • Automatic credit limit allocation and disbursement,
  • Equal installments and flexible payment plans,
  • Post-Credit Support Services
  • Early and mid payment,
  • Payment plan change
  • Installment date change
  • Online payment notification and collection with banks,

  • Early payment and late payment interest collection,
  • Automatic administrative follow-up processes,
  • Automatic legal follow-up transfer,
  • Automatically calculated aging and provisioning
  • Accounting, Legal Reporting and Treasury Management system for Finance Companies

Sales Points and Campaign Management

As a credit intermediary, you can use the authorization-based point of sale portal by introducing the contracted point of sale and its employees to the system. You can manage your campaigns with a parametric structure that will allow them to differentiate interest, maturity, allocation fee. You can have the infrastructure to offer special privileges to your customers.

  • Segment based pricing,
  • Payment plan variety
    • Determine payment frequency
    • Flexible payment plans
  • Down payment management,
  • Contribution management
    • Distributor contribution margin
    • Point of sale contribution
    • Credit-based automatic calculation over the rate,
    • Calculation based on fixed amount,
  • Expense management,
    • Min/Max limitation,
    • Credit-based automatic calculation over the rate,
    • Advance collection,
    • Collection by settlement,
  • İnterest management,
    • No interest until the maturity date,
  • Money transfer management,
    • Pay to the point of sale,
    • Distributor paid,
    • Shared payment
    • Payment deferral,

Credit Sales Portal

Credit Sales Portal offers a unique “Omni-Channel” experience by covering mobile platforms with its responsive design.
The point of sale can follow the transactions through a single application without going to different applications for different transactions. You can offer special options to your customers with payment plan scenarios. In today's intense competition, being able to carry out all transactions from the same point and with a simple structure allows you to be preferred at sales points.

  • Authorization-based access,
  • Application tracking,
  • automatic contract printing,
  • Missing document tracking, tracking and document submission,
  • payment plan simulation,
  • Announcement tracking,
  • Credit performance report.

Credit Evaluation and Allocation

You can manage the system with automatic decision in line with the criteria determined in both the transaction and credit allocation steps.
Risk Center, Trade Registry Gazette, Notaries Union (e-pledge), KKB, Revenue Administration, Identity Sharing System etc. Thanks to the integrations, you can make these inquiries at the relevant points of the loan process and enable users to follow the entire process through a single application.
During the loan disbursement stage, you can automatically create bank instructions that will allow money to be sent to sales points through banks.

  • Gradual allocation approval flow,
  • Integrations with external decision support systems,
  • Integrations for intelligence purposes offered by official institutions,
  • Automatic decision system with decision support system,
  • Integration with the document management system,

Document Management System

Documents are indexed and stored in the digital system and you can easily access the relevant documents if needed. By defining the obligations of the documents specifically for your institution, you ensure that you carry out your flows in a healthy way.

  • Flexible structure in document definition,
  • User-friendly in document controls,
  • Defining document-based control areas,
  • Easy tracking of missing documents,
  • Querying and adding documents via web services,
  • Easier access and management of documents added to the system by storing them in the center,