The Web Service Library allows you to manage SET Financing solutions with API banking competence.

With API/Web Service library; You can meet all your needs such as starting a new loan application, querying customer status, updating invoice information, managing product changes and returns through applications such as Point of Sale Portal, Brand Collaborations, E-Commerce Platforms, Cashier Applications, Back Office and Customer Services, Product Service Points. You can have an infrastructure that you can solve integrated.

Outstanding Services Featured in Our API Library

  • Loan Application & Update
  • Customer Creation, Update and Inquiry
  •  Application Associates Update (Guarantor, Liaison, etc.)
  •  Creating and Updating Payment Plan
  • point of sale payment order

  • Seller status update
  •  Payment Plan Details Inquiry
  •  Information and Status Inquiry
  • Adding Documents, querying
  • Billing Information Management
  • Debt Inquiry, Debt Collection and Cancellation Methods
  • External Integration APIs
  • Product Cancellation Return Process (Partial / All)
  • Unconditional Return Process
  • Product Change Process
  • Decision support system and Blacklist Query
  • Credit terms Inquiry
  • Payday Change
  • Contract and Dynamic Printmaking
  • Configure payment plan
  • Adding and canceling costs
  • Service Based Accounting
  • Signature verification
  • E money payment collection integration
  • After-sales request and follow-up
  • Refund amount inquiry service