A human resources policy that is fair, transparent and has a voice, where employees find opportunities to reveal their potential, where each employee contributes to their future and is valued by creating value,

It aims to create a happy, productive, successful and healthy workforce with a high performance, development-oriented, strong and effective leadership in all areas, a corporate culture that reflects the unique SET Software spirit, and high commitment.

Attract, develop and retain the most valuable talents in line with the goal

It adopts and develops fair, transparent and integrated practices in accordance with global human resources trends under 3 main headings.

Talent Acquisition Process

Current positions based on vision, mission and values...

Talent Management Process

Corporate and functional success in the performance management system at the beginning of each year...

Retention Process

It is a strong institution that is kept alive and shared by all its employees.


Thanks to the strong corporate culture that has been kept alive and shared by all its employees since its establishment,

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One of the most important building blocks of our retention process is to increase employee loyalty and be sustainable thanks to the strong corporate culture that has been maintained and shared by all its employees since its establishment. World, country and sector trends are followed in wage and fringe benefits packages, and a wage policy is applied accordingly. A rewarding system is used in which the behaviors and professional efforts of our employees that create added value are appreciated and rewarded. Internal candidate evaluation process is actively operated for vacancies. An interdepartmental rotation program is also applied for the development of employees.

A job adaptation and orientation program structured within the framework of the job adaptation program is implemented in new recruitments and job changes.

There is no discrimination in the company and until today, there is no discrimination. There was no complaint from any of our employees in this regard.