We have been developing ERP applications for different sectors since 1993 and share our experience with our customers.
“Plan and manage all your company's resources perfectly with SET ERP applications.”

With Set ERP applications, you can manage your business processes in a practical, easy and effective way and support them with your understanding of quality. In this way, you increase your productivity by designing all your business processes in a simple structure.

  • We can design our ERP application according to your needs and create the most suitable package for your business together.
  • Manage your business processes such as Customer Management, Supplier Management, Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Finance Management, Treasury Management, General Accounting, IFRS/UFRS Reporting, Production Management, Foreign Trade / Import, Export), Real Estate Management, E-Transformation. You can manage from the platform.
  • You can create and report your records quickly, easily and reliably with our Financial Leasing applications such as IFRS16 and IFRS9.

In addition to these standard ERP functions:

  • Advance Cost and Allowance
  • Budget management
  • Approval Processes Follow-up
  • Contract Management
  • Ongoing investments
  • Collection and Payment
  • Buy

You can have a modern ERP system with our ready-made modules that we have developed for your processes.