Do you know that you can reduce initial setup, training, distribution and maintenance costs with SET BlueLCP?

What is Low Code Platform (LCP) ?

A low-code development platform (LCP) provides the development environment used to build applications through a graphical user interface.

A low-code platform can produce fully functional applications, requiring additional coding for certain situations. Low-code development platforms enable faster delivery of business applications by reducing the traditional time spent on software development.

SET BLUE Low Code Platform

Build Fast and Reliable Applications

SET develops all business applications on its own low-code platform, SET Blue LCP. We support our customers' software development using SET Blue-LCP on our business solutions, which are widely used in the finance industry.

In this way, we want to create a development community, that a wider range of people can contribute to the development of the application. Moreover, thanks to the competence of the platform, we contribute to the creation of solutions that fully meet the needs, as this community consists not only of those with coding skills, but also those who need good governance to adhere to common rules and regulations.

Using SET Blue LCP, you can easily build new applications in a preconfigured development environment.

  • The designs/views of the applications can be made with automation by selecting them from the screen with the Next-Next steps via the wizard.
  • Hundreds of defined ready data sets are activated in the desired component on the desired page, by selecting them on the screen.
  • On-screen definitions and components can be integrated directly on the database via linked tables, views, and procedures.
  • Web Service integrations are easily defined on the definition screen without writing code repeatedly. It is quickly configured with all the process details, from working timings to logging.
  • Rich script library and code generation functions are available for corporate and complex application development needs.
  • Report definitions are created quickly through the visual interface, and the sub-reports created can be easily used in different reports.
  • Parametrized infrastructure enables fast and flexible version management for the needs of different customers.
  • With these features, SET Blue LCP increases agility in meeting business requirements, fast and secure solutions provide sustainable competitive advantage.

Development Lifecycle Line

Fully automated compilation, version management

Web Application Versioning

Version tracking automation for changes made to web views

Database Versioning

Version tracking automation in changes applied to database components such as tables, views and procedures on the database

Penetration and Static Safety Tests

Providing a safe and stable working environment thanks to application codes that are currently subject to penetration and static safety tests.

Predefined Screens

Infrastructure that can be used as embedded in their own applications in line with the needs of customers thanks to pre-defined screens

Project Development with SET BLUE Low Code Platform

You can develop your software projects with SET BLUE LCP, and in these projects, SET continues to support it with its Managed Services or Outsourcing Service.

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