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Message from CEO

The world is changing rapidly and this change has never happened so drastically and so fast in any period of human history. On the one hand, epidemics, global warming, economic turbulences, tense world politics and difficulties in accessing trained manpower; while on the other hand, the challenges of adapting to the innovations that technology and digital transformation bring to our lives at a dizzying pace.

It is inevitable to keep up with this transformation in order to manage our economy and companies under these challenges.

SET is constantly transforming itself and innovating its products and services to help businesses not only just keep working but also take part in this new world with a real transformation.

We are also aware that we have responsibilities towards our planet, to the life in it and to each of us for a sustainable life. Therefore, we support green transformation without any inequalities, with zero waste and zero emissions. We consider our social and environmental responsibilities as an opportunity that makes a difference.

We aim to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level. We are constantly renewing our strategies to reach our rapid growth and development goals with our employees. We offer a working environment that is against all kinds of discrimination including gender discrimination. We are aware that sustainable growth is a goal that we can only achieve together with our employees.

We are continuously focusing on our customers and constantly improving our products and services. Together, we build our customers' transformation roadmaps and help them make a difference with a remarkable end-to-end value proposition in our areas of expertise.

As a result of all these, we continuously increase our company and brand value by using the substantial increase in our non-financial revenues in the transformation of our existing products and services as well as producing new products and services.

We will continue to work for our world to offer a better and more sustainable working life.

Ahmet Hamdi Akşit

We develop software projects and implement business solutions with many domestic and foreign institutions.