With the Purchasing processes management application provided by SET, you can manage your purchasing processes with an automation.
The processes you can manage with the application we offer:

  • Demand Management
  • Bid Collection
  • Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase Agreements

Demand Management

You can collect and evaluate purchase requests from the end user and easily manage all related processes.

  • Ease of product selection by the end user with the product tree structure containing material and service items,
  • If the product is not defined in the system, the request is transmitted as free-text,
  • Automatic job unit and request status determination according to the features of the selected product,
  • Managing bid collection, purchase order, warehouse shipment order or demand closing processes from a common screen,
  • Processing the request by viewing the warehouse balances while making a new purchase decision,
  • End-user notifications with Short Message (SMS) and e-mail notifications,
  • Partial processing on demand,
  • Direct ordering options on demand based on threshold limits.

You can collect offers for the requests for which the purchasing decision has been made and you can easily select the appropriate supplier.

  • Advanced supplier recommendation system,
  • Supplier card definition for suppliers without a vendor card,
  • Document management system for bid documents,
  • Bid revisions for suppliers with bid entry,
  • Purchasing unit performance tracking,
  • Supplier selection and decision processes among the offers,
  • Supplier competency controls,
  • Budgetary controls over the decided proposal.

Order Management

You can place an order with the most suitable seller and follow up the order status by considering parameters such as deadline and price offer.

  • Order creation processes directly over the created decision, contract or request,
  • Order delivery status, invoice conversion rate tracking,
  • Budgetary controls,
  • cost allocations,
  • Current limit controls,
  • Supplier competency controls,
  • Short Message (SMS) and e-mail notifications,
  • Storing order documents on the document management system.

Warehouse Process

You can have an infrastructure where warehouse balances are tracked for related material items and warehouse delivery and dispatch processes are managed.

  • Monitoring the consumable or stock status in the new purchase process,
  • Creation of a dispatch order based on the purchase request,
  • Shipment processes to the requestor,
  • Integration with fixed asset module,
  • Debit tracking for fixed assets,
  • Serial based tracking and barcode printing processes.

Purchase Agreements

For regular purchases, you can define unit price, value or quantity limited agreement.

  • Contract definition based on the proposal decision,
  • Creating an order based on the agreement on demand,
  • Creating an order on the contract,
  • Order controls by contract type, contract balance tracking,
  • Storing physical contracts on the document management system,
  • Purchase contracts approval processes,
  • Periodic text message (SMS) and e-mail notifications based on contract duration and balances.