As Set Software Services Industry and Trade Inc.,

our fundamental principles are to contribute to the continuous development of our business partners while developing ourselves and to be sensitive to our business, environment and universal values. Keeping customer and employee satisfaction and reliability at the highest level, providing our customers with high-quality value-added services and adding value to them is our common goal. Our prerequisites are to continuously improve the quality of our services, information security, performance and reliability principles, prevent losses, and enhance our management systems


Our common principles that we have set to achieve our goal:

● Sustainability: Ensuring that every step we take provides long-term benefits.

● Participatory Work Environment: Ensuring that goals, decisions, and activities are determined by teamwork.

● Open Communication: Establishing long-term, feedback-based positive relationships with all our employees and stakeholders based on trust.

● Awareness: Providing our employees and stakeholders with the awareness, knowledge, and skills to protect our company's quality and information security by constantly educating them.

● Zero Loss: Doing every job from a perspective of preventing any kind of loss.

● Knowledge: Valuing and protecting knowledge.

● Information Security: Establishing structures that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of our information assets.

● Business Continuity: Ensuring that our institution's fundamental and supporting business activities continue with minimum interruption.

● Risk Management: Identifying the risks that our company and stakeholders may face for continuity and reliability, and providing the necessary conditions and resources to minimize these risks.

● Legal Compliance: Fulfilling the obligations of the Quality Management System and Information Security Management System arising from legal or contractual requirements related to our activities.


We accept the above-mentioned principles as the most important values of Set Software, as the basis for the respect we show to our stakeholders and for the continuation of our existence, and as the commitment of our employees.



Ahmet Hamdi Akşit