About Us

Versatile Product Range

In the home market there is no other company with a similar product range. A competitive advantage of SET is its efficient and dynamic solution development technology, which provides adaptable and portable sub-product generation.

Superior Technology

SET is one of the rare technology companies that can offer a "low-code" development platform along with an embedded BPM tool, API library using modern (micro) service-based technologies. Another feature of the SET is the ability to provide integrated services in business processes, legislation and technology.

Critical Player in Finance Sector

The Turkish IT industry is in a growth trend both locally and in the immediate region, especially for the finance sector and Fintechs.  SET's products, solutions and existing customer base are valuable in this sense. 

R&D Motivation

SET constantly encourages its staff and invests for research and development activities in machine learning and blockchain technologies. SET has received national incentives and support for their R&D projects.

High potential in Outsourcing

Collaborations have been established with many companies in Turkey for IT outsourcing. SET can provide outsourcing services in both "body leasing" and "managed services". IT Outsourcing line has remarkable  growth potential with near-shoring. 

Global-Ready Solutions

With multi-lingual and multi-currency  capabilities, the products and services are competent not only in the local market but also in the global market. SET already has customers in the Gulf region and has a remarkable potential in the near region.

Human Resources

The organization of the company is lean and efficient. One of the strengths of the company is the experience and skills of the managers. The staff, as well as the management, is highly motivated and competent. Employees have a long working relationship with the company and have developed high loyalty over the years.

30 Years of Expertise

Strong and Continuous Relationships in Shareholders

85 Well Educated Employees

Low Turnover Rate in Key Staff

Strong Relations in Top Management

Ease of Sub-Product Generation

40+ Customers in Real Sector

25 Customers in Finance Sector

9 Specific Products for Finance Sector


7 Generic Products for All Industries

High Export Potential with Variety of Products

Continuously Investing in Technological Infrastructure

High R&D Motivation

More than 100 Successful Projects

Well-Known Local Brand Name 

Good Reputation in Regulatory Authorities

Mature Products with Regular BRSA Audits

Data Security Certification 
 ISO 27001:2013 
 by DQS GmbH

Lean and Efficient Organization