Credit Registration Bureau (KKB), named Findeks, assists institutions in financial risk assessment with the permissioned data and credit rating it opens to stakeholders outside the financial sector.

We also help you manage your corporate risk by automating the Findeks solution offered by KKB to the real sector, enabling you to learn about the loan payment habits of your customers/business partners/dealers/distributors/suppliers and partners in the financial system.

Today, where risk management is gaining more and more importance, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors by accurately and safely determining the risk situation.

We support you in the decision processes by obtaining all the data to be taken as a basis in the scaling and evaluation processes in the most up-to-date and fast way through KKB.

  • Individual and Legal Inquiry,
  • singular query,
  • Multiple Query,
  • Periodic query management with scheduled tasks,
  • Inquiry at the interactive point of use with the query screen,
  • Pin verification by message.

With Findeks automation, you can access the following contents with a single query.

  • Individual inquiries

  • Findeks credit rating,
  • total limit,
  • Total risk,
  • Number of financial institutions making the notification,
  • The total number of accounts in delay,
  • Number of financial institutions making follow-up notification,
  • Total number of credit accounts,
  • Longest latency available
  • Worst payment situation
  • Total overdue balance,
  • Total number of credits followed up,
  • Number of ongoing credits,
  • Total follow-up balance,
  • The oldest follow-up date,
  • Last loan disbursement date.

Legal Inquiries

  • The number of organizations making the notification,
  • Current Credit balance total,
  • Date of first loan disbursement,
  • Last loan disbursement date,
  • Number of accounts in delay,
  • Overdue balance total,
  • Follow-up Account Number of Known Financial Institutions,
  • The closest follow-up date,
  • oldest follow-up date,
  • The most recent limit allocation date,
  • Total cash limit,
  • Total non-cash limit,
  • Total other limit,
  • total limit,
  • Follow-up date risk total,
  • Total cash risk,
  • Total non-cash risk,
  • Total other risk.

Leasing Records and Factoring Records

  • Notification Period,
  • credit limit,
  • Number of registrations with a term of 1-12 months,
  • Number of registrations with a term of 12-24 months,
  • 24 months term,
  • Interest rediscount,
  • Interest accrual,
  • The number of establishments it works for,
  • Follow-up notification period,
  • Tracking credit limit,
  • Number of follow-up loans with a maturity of 1-12 months,
  • Number of follow-up loans with a maturity of 12-24 months,
  • Number of follow-up loans with a term of 24 months,
  • Follow-up Interest Rediscount,
  • Follow-up Interest Accrual,
  • Play Track. Exchange rate. Number.